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Intercomcare is the first point of contact for medical stays in Switzerland.
Many years of experience, a high level of expertise and bespoke service set Intercomcare apart.

Regardless of whether your stay is of a medical nature, for rehabilitation, in a health resort or in the wellness/beauty sector, you and your expectations are always the focus of our actions. We arrange for the best specialists and clinics appropriate to each individual client.

Intercomcare offers a unique and privileged access to international-renown top medical professionals.

Why Switzerland?

Discretion, independence, quality awareness, precision, innovation and hygiene are all values on which Switzerland’s reputation is built and have made it successful over time.

It is precisely these attributes that also apply especially to medicine in Switzerland. The standard of training of doctors and medical staff is among the highest in the world, as is the standard of the technical facilities of the clinics.
Certifications, long-term quality control mechanisms, ongoing training and development – the quality in Swiss healthcare is constantly monitored and developed.

Zurich is, without doubt, the biggest medical hotspot in Switzerland. Top international medicine, leading hotels, a vibrant economy, an attractive environment and easy accessibility combine to make this the ideal location to fulfil all your needs.

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The Swiss have access to the latest technology, and with comparably low wait times for appointments and procedures. And the Swiss are among the healthiest people on earth: while life expectancy is not the ideal proxy for overall health, nor of a health care system’s performance, life expectancy for a Swiss citizen on his 65th birthday is second only to that of Japan’s. – “Forbes”

Although the Swiss health care system is not cheap, its overall performance is among the best among countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), with high levels of patient satisfaction and a life expectancy that’s among the highest in the world (similar to those in Japan and Iceland).  – “OECD”

The Swiss health system is recognised around the world for its quality, topping virtually all indicators when it comes to health. – “Swissinfo”



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